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Welcome to the utPLSQL Project

This is the utPLSQL Sourceforge site for developers using and developing utPLSQL. The Sourceforge project summary is at https://sourceforge.net/projects/utplsql.

What is it?

utPLSQL is a unit testing framework for programmers using Oracle's PL/SQL language. Developed by Steven Feuerstein, author of many books on the subject, it allows the automated testing of packages, functions and procedures. For background on the project and the reasons why this sort of unit testing is a good idea, visit the old utPLSQL site of the O'Reilly and Associates Oracle Resource Center.

Where can I get more details?

The documentation is available as part of the utPLSQL download and also online. Discussions about utPLSQL take place on the forums. These, along with the Ticket Trackers should be your first call for questions, suggestions and help with utPLSQL. For announcements about utPLSQL (mainly new releases) check the News page.

For historical information, there is the old Yahoo! utPLSQL-Info group (discussions until Sept 2002 are also there). Also, there is an archived copy of the former O'Reilly utPLSQL Webboard available. This is somewhere else to look to see if your question has already been asked (and hopefully answered).

It doesn't do what I need / doesn't work!

Again, your first call should be the Ticket Trackers. If your feature request or bug is accepted, it will be added to the list of tasks. Of course, if you find a bug the best thing to do is to post a fix!

How do I get involved?

If you want to help develop utPLSQL, you should:

The tasks are maintained in the Bugs and Feature Requests Ticket Trackers. When you have found one you'd like to try, get one of the project administrators to assign the task to you (you can do this by adding a note to the ticket). Then grab the latest version of the code from the SVN trunk and start coding. Once you are done, you should add your changes to the ticket in the form of an SVN "diff" file. We will then merge your changes into a development branch where it can be tested before before being merged into the trunk, ready for a future release.

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